In 2016, another devastating fire had engulfed areas of the Sahamalaza Iles National Park. It was crucial that a rapid conservation effort has to be made, as this is the home of the Blue-eyed Black Lemur (Eulemur flavifrons), one of the critically endangered lemur species.

A gathering of local authorities, support organizations such the park managers of the Madagascar National Parks, Association Européenne pour l'Étude et la Conservation des Lémuriens (AEECL), Mikajy Natiora, Sehatra Ampandrosoana Haingana Ivom-paritra (SAHI) and local Malagasy was held in Ambolobozo on April 27 to brainstorm solutions regarding forest fires.

Marat Karpeka Lemur Foundation T-shirts and caps were distributed to the local authorities and the local park committees. The latter will also be using the shirts and caps on park ranger duty. All participants pledged their commitment in fire prevention and reforestation efforts.

We aim to improve the camp to promote ecotourism. This would supplement conservation efforts through educating tourists and to sustain the well being of the local people. Slash and burn agriculture is common practice on the island and main contributors to forest fires leading to habitat destruction. By providing the locals with an alternative livelihood, one of it increasing tourism, there will be a conscious effort to prevent deforestation.

Informative panels were fabricated that will be placed at the entrance of the forest and on the path to the campsite.

One of the camp facilities that will be built is a toilet block consisting of two cubicles for women and one cubicle and urinal for men with sinks for hand washing. The dry season started only in June so construction materials transport is impeded by road accessibility during the wet season in the previous months. Currently, the foundation of the toilet block has been done. The estimated completion date will be around next month.

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Author: Angel Nicolas